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Community Journalism In Changing Times. Dan Hoddinott, author. Journalism textbook, paperback, 8½" x 11", 174 pages. $64.95 (+ shipping).

DESCRIPTION: This classroom-in-a-book is a must-have reference for the Canadian community journalist in today's climate. Learn how to respond to the waning influence of traditional newspapers, sort through digital audiences to find yours, and even how to combat compromised attention spans. Step-by-step instructions, based on solid journalistic principles, will show you how to make the most of technology, and align with changing reader consumer habits too, without compromising what has made the local newspaper relevant in the community for generations.

A Thousand Steps from Home. Daniel P. Hoddinott, author. Poetry book, paperback, 5¼" x 8¼", 112 pages. $17.95 (+ shipping).

DESCRIPTION: A journey across the North American landscape. Poke around in other people's town and cities, and dig into nooks and crannies — with or without an invitation. Engage your senses, and hear the truths the wind, the wave, the storm, the mountaintop and the temperamental valley each, in turn, describe.

Yes Boy... You Talk About!. Stories of Ralph A. Hoddinott, edited by Daniel P. Hoddinott. Real-life adventure stories, paperback, 5¼" x 8¼", 100 pages. $14.95 (+ shipping).

DESCRIPTION: A glimpse of pre- and post-Confederation northern Newfoundland like you never expected it to be! Dive headlong into living history and pulse-quickening adventure in these first-person tales of a young entrepreneur striking out on his own against the same unforgiving elements that tried to tame his determined fishing fathers.

Sighs of the Times. Dan Hoddinott, artist. CD. $12.95 (+ shipping).

DESCRIPTION: A combination of music and poetry recitation. Ideal accompaniment for both restorative solitude and restive inner journeys. Let the song "Now It's Gone" take you places; let the recitation "With You" bring you home.

2-Pack Bundle: A Thousand Steps from Home poetry book ... PLUS ... Sighs of the Times CD for $24.95 (+ shipping).

DESCRIPTION: Good for the pocketbook, good for the soul! Save five bucks when you buy the poetry book and CD as a package.